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    Traveling from one side of Oregon to the other takes time, especially in an old Nissan truck. Just ask Daniel Godfrey, President of Caldera International. He will tell you it’s especially arduous stopping at every small town pharmacy and general store as he did in 1999, selling an unheard of brand of hot and cold therapy products. But the initial purchasers of Caldera products liked what they saw – an easy-to-use, sturdy, reusable gel pack system that fulfilled its rehabilitative promise to help relieve aching muscles and joints. That trip across Oregon set in motion the humble origins of Caldera.

    Today, the expansive Caldera human hot and cold therapy line is a trusted medical product sold throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe serving retail stores, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, and consumers alike. Now Caldera is taking the market lead with a revolutionary Hot and Cold Pet Therapy System (patent pending). Based on extensive research with leading veterinary rehabilitation experts and designed with practical simplicity, the system is an innovative solution for animal hot or cold therapy applications that consumers and veterinary professionals are welcoming.

    Caldera holds true to its core value of improving life through their products. This mission extends throughout the company, from their U.S. based manufacturing and headquarters facility to worldwide retail partners, and customer service.

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    Caldera International Japan
    1-25-5, Biz Smart Yoyogi
    Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Japan

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