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    "Your Releaf neck rest is incredible. I was first exposed to your product by a fellow air passenger. I have used your product on 5 round trips since purchasing it, and have been extremely satisfied with the elimination of any neck stiffness/pain. I saw your product at the Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon and purchased it. I would be happy to provide any further recommendations as I am very impressed. I have tried various ‘neck pillows’ (inflatable and with bean pods) with little success.”
    —Joe Kurata


    “…put it on after a computer session for a few minutes, there is ‘relief’ from neck ache immediately.”
    —Sue Madsen, ACHS

    “I like neck Releaf because it supports your neck enough to take a nap while flying. When you wake up your neck doesn’t hurt. The way it is designed it doesn’t allow your neck to flop forward, unsupported like other neck supports. My mom tried it on and liked it right away. I plan on getting each of my parents one for Christmas travel.”
    —Gina Marquardt
    “I wore the Releaf neck rest while traveling by air on a round trip journey between Portland, Oregon and Milan, Italy. The neck rest greatly reduced the neck tension and soreness I usually experience on long flights. I was able to both read and rest comfortably while wearing the Releaf. The rest is not bulky and packs easily making it worth taking on any trip, even when packing light.”
    —Drew Wilder, Mechanical Engineer
    “The Releaf neck rest works well and feels comfortable at home during long periods of head/neck immobility. It felt good while watching TV prior to going to bed.”
    —Mark Ishihara, Pharmacist
    “Forget the old-fashioned inflatable neck cushions. I used my cushy soft Releaf neck rest on our last flight to Paris and will never travel without it again. It provides ample neck support for sleeping on the plane and there is no way you can end up snoozing on a stranger’s shoulder. Plus, with its special design, neck and upper back tension disappear. Imagine, feeling energized after a ten hours flight!”
    —Claire and Chuck Vita

    Linda H. Davis
    “As a writer who spends hours a day sitting at her desk and computer, I have long struggled with neck and shoulder aches. The Caldera neck wrap which I first tried out on a cross-country flight is the answer I’ve been looking for. (The other is an in-house masseuse.) What an ingenious thing: soft, but architecturally sound, it looks like a torture device, but feels like an embrace. I wish it had existed years ago; I might have written more. Many grateful thanks to the geniuses who invented and produced it. May it have a long life in department stores, airports, and writers’ rooms.”
    —Linda H. Davis, Author, “Charles Addams: A Cartoonist’s Life”

    “This travel pillow is the best!! I suffer on every flight because of arthritis in my neck, cramped like everyone else, unable to sleep. I’ve tried all the various travel pillows out there…the inflatables, the tempurpedic, the foam, the horseshoes, etc. They all provided some relief, however they fell short of allowing me to sleep soundly with the neck support I needed. The Releaf Neck Rest beats them ALL. My neck was thoroughly supported which helped me to sleep soundly. I also loved that it was lightweight, unlike the other travel pillows. Every airport store that offers travel accessory items should definitely carry the Releaf Neck Rest. We’ll all walk off the plane feeling so much better. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!!”
    —Sandy Smith


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